Sharing Is Caring!

Today I started working on the written material for our website again (it’s tonnes of work!), but honestly I’m not getting anything done. I feel a bit uninspired, and stressed out, because next week I’m going on a holiday. So, this week I really need to wrap things up. Instead I start going though my pictures and voila suddenly I feel plenty inspired. The only problem is that I still don’t feel inspired to write. Sharing is caring, so here’s some inspirational pics coming your way!

Wyilda: Sustainably Beautiful

Originally posted on Sanah Sharma :
A soft play of luxury and ethics woven together in beautiful silk scarves. Such is the story of Wyilda, a Scandinavian brand that strives to make a difference by providing sustainable products to those who refuse to compromise on style. Lovely colors in the highest quality silks with hand-rolled hems, these are scarves that…